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  • MINERALS FOR SALE PRICED $100 to $199John

    Best minerals Priced $100-$199 available for sale from John Betts Fine Minerals, New York City mineral gallery. Mineral specimens shipped worldwide, credit cards

  • Mineral ShowsMineral Specimens, News &

    The leading internet connection for what's new at the Denver and Tucson Gem, Mineral, and Fossil Shows!

  • Zircon: Zircon mineral information and data.

    Zircon Group. The zirconium analogue of Thorite and Hafnon. Zircon-Hafnon Series. The low-pressure dimorph of Reidite. Zircon, zirconium orthosilicate, is found in

  • Gallery of Large Cabinet Mineral Specimens and

    For Sale Large Cabinet Mineral Specimens and Crystal ClustersDecorator-Sized Minerals for Museum Displays or Collectors of Large Minerals.

  • Minerals HZ

    Exceptional Helvite Specimen. The tabular dark brown crystal has a hole in one face that enters a small cavity inside the Helvite. Helvite is a rare Beryllium mineral

  • exceptionalroom7

    MIN#EXCEPTIONAL-126 NEW! Killer specimen featuring crystals of Native Copper separated only by Chrysocolla! I love this specimen and I'm pretty picky about Coppers!

  • Mineral ClassicsWorldwide Large Cabinet

    Worldwide Large Cabinet Display Specimens. A full page update of assorted large cabinet display specimens. Some older pieces, some contemporary specimens, all priced

  • keystonetableExceptional Minerals

    MIN#Keystone-1 SOLD! Fine specimen featuring crystals of Manganoan Calcite on matrix! This is a pleasing specimen which displays deep pink Calcite crystals set against

  • Rosell MineralesInicio

    NUEVOS MINERALES EL PRÓXIMO 27 DE JULIO Los franceses de mediados del s. XX ya conocían las minas de la zona de Amjerane, nuestro Oumjrane, y las explotaron

  • Fine Collector Mineral SpecimensAndy Seibel

    Website Specializing in High Quality Mineral Specimens for Collectors

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