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  • Skara BraeHistoric Environment Scotland

    Get an overview of Skara Brae, the best-preserved Neolithic settlement in Western Europe and part of the UNESCO Heart of Neolithic Orkney World Heritage Site.

  • Maeshowe, a spectacular neolithic chambered

    About Maeshowe A Spectacular Neolithic Chambered Cairn built 5,000 years ago. Maeshowe (HY315128), considered to be one of the

  • The Birth of EuropeExcavations of the Neolithic

    Balkan Heritage excavation and field school at the Neolithic Settlement Ilindentsi, Bulgaria.

  • Ethnicity of the Neolithic and Eneolithic cultures

    Ethnicity of the Neolithic and Eneolithic cultures of Eastern Europe. The Seredniy Stiğ and Yamna (Pit) Cultures Sequel of the theme The First Neolithic Tribes in

  • Quern-stoneWikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Quern-stones are stone tools for hand-grinding a wide variety of materials. They are used in pairs.The lower, stationary, stone is called a quern, while the upper

  • The First Neolithic Tribes in Eastern Europe

    The First Neolithic Tribes in Eastern Europe Settling the Indo-European, Finno-Ugrian, and Turkic tribes in Eastern Europe (Survey) The population of Eastern Europe

  • History of ShorehamBritish Marine Life Study

    Ancient Times; Neolithic 45002300 BC; About 4100 BC (Neolithic Age) there is evidence that flint was mined at Church Hill (Findon near Worthing, 5 miles west of

  • prehistoric sites of Great

    Stone Circles and Antiquities England. Avon Stanton Drew Neolithic Stone Circles and Cove. Stanton Drew

  • StonemasonryWikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The craft of stonemasonry (or stonecraft) has existed since humanity could use and make tools [citation needed]creating buildings, structures, and sculpture using

  • Standing Stones of Stenness, OrkneyNeolithic

    Standing Stones of Stenness. The Standing Stones of Stenness (HY311125) were originally a circle of 12 stones with a diameter of 30m and

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