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magnetic materials patents

  • Patent US20060076229Magnetic activated

    Magnetic activated carbon and the removal of contaminants from a fluid stream using the magnetic activated carbon is described. The magnetic activated carbon is

  • MSDS for Magnets and Magnetic Materials

    Resources >> MSDS for Magnets and Magnetic Materials. Magnets are typically not hazardous to the human body, nor have DC magnetic fields such as those produced

  • Dexter Magnetic TechnologiesMaterial Grades

    There are a number of major families of permanent magnets available. They range from ferrite, which is low cost and low energy, to rare earth materials, which are

  • Magnetic bearingWikipedia, the free

    A magnetic bearing is a bearing that supports a load using magnetic levitation. Magnetic bearings support moving parts without physical contact.

  • Rare-Earth MagnetsPatents and History

    Patents and Intellectual Property. There many U.S. and international patents that are related to the development and manufacture of rare-earth magnetic

  • Arnold Magnetic Technologies | Samarium

    Performance Materials Enabling Energy Efficiency Arnold Magnetic Technologies enables a more efficient electrification of systems through its development, production

  • PatentsPanacea-BOCAF

    The faculty division of Panacea's proposed granted R&D centre will also serve a function for further investigation into the following suppressed and alternative

  • Patent US20140265690Magnetic levitation of a

    A magnetic lifting device is described. The magnetic lifting device can be configured to generate magnetic lift using a moving magnetic field to generate an eddy

  • Dexter Magnetic TechnologiesPermanent

    Supplier of magnetic materials: permanent magnets, soft ferrites, amorphous and naoncrystalline core materials, ferrite cores, powder cores as well as custom-designed

  • Magnetic Generator And The Hojo

    Magnetic Generator for home use. Build a small Magnetic Home Generator take steps to reduce your electric bill. HoJo Motor Plans.

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