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  • Lawrence County Rock Club Home Page; Bedford,

    Located in Bedford, Indiana, USA. Provides information on the club's aims, membership, meetings, gem shows, the newsletter and dealer information.

  • Rock Tumbling -- More Detailed Advice on

    Collected Information on Rock Tumbling. More Detailed Advice on Rotary Tumbling By Alan Silverstein, [email protected] Last update: October 19, 2011 Contents of this section:

  • Rock Club, Rock Clubs, Lapidary Club, Lapidary

    LEARN ABOUT OUR LAPIDARY SPECIFIC SEARCH ENGINE. The search engine youll be using above is the most comprehensive "Lapidary" & "Rock Hounding" search engine

  • Links to Mineral, Rock, Gemstone, Mining,

    Links to Mineral, Rock, Gemstone, Mining, Lapidary, Places of Interest in the United States and the world.

  • Silverhawks' Diamond Pacific lapidary tool

    Diamond Pacific dealer. TItan Genie, pixie polishing and grinding cabber units, diamond wheels. Lapidary rock saws, saw blades, gemstone carving, foredom

  • Untitled []

    The objectives of the club are to stimulate interest in the collection of rocks, minerals, gem materials, and legal fossils. To discuss and impart our knowledge of

  • Lapidary World

    Welcome to Lapidary World! Incorporating The Australian Gem Club Directory We have a vast data base of information about lapidary and associated hobbies including

  • Lubri-Kool Mineral OilRock Saws at Hayneedle

    Lubri-Kool Mineral OilLubri-Kool Mineral Oil is the ideal oil for your rock tumblers and other items that require a cool and long-lasting oil. This mineral oil is

  • Bob's Rock Shop: Table of Contents

    Welcome to Bob's Rock Shop About the Shop, Contributors, Submissions and Copyrights Rock Trader Classifieds Check Out These Free, Form Accessible Classified Ads for

  • LAPIDARYdelscope

    LAPIDARY (STONE CUTTING AND POLISHING) The working of stone is perhaps one of the most ancient of all crafts and has been an attendant 'work' of mankind for thousands

  • Aussie SapphireThe Lapidary Warehouse » The

    We often get calls from people who are interested in rocks and gems, would like to get started in the lapidary hobby but dont know where to start.

  • Quality Diamond Lapidary Tools And Dad's

    Quality Diamond Lapidary Products At Discount Prices Toll Free Order Line 800-844-3237

  • Rock Hammers & PicksBlack Mining

    Rock hammers, picks and geology tools for sale. Wide range of choices and prices.

  • Tumbled and Polished StonesRock tumbler

    Tumbled and Polished Stones Over 60 varieties of colorful tumbled stones from around the world.

  • Kreigh's Homemade Lapidary Equipment

    Kreigh Tomaszewski's Homemade Lapidary Equipment. Cut a cube of rock and then trim off all the corners with your saw. Use a coarse grinding wheel to smooth it

  • Wichita Gem and Mineral SocietyAbout Us

    Welcome to the Wichita Gem & Mineral Society . of Wichita Kansas. The Wichita Gem and Mineral Society Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit

  • The History of Rock Tumbling

    The History of Rock Tumbling Rock tumbling is as old as the Earth but people now control the process in electric tumbling machines.

  • American Federation of Mineralogical Societies

    American Federation of Mineralogical Societies, a non-profit educational Federation of seven similar regional organization of gem, mineral and lapidary societies.

  • How are Gems Cut and Polished?Tradeshop

    Sanding. Sanding is similar to grinding but uses finer abrasives. Its purpose is to remove deep scratches left by coarser abrasives during grinding.

  • Reentel All-You-Need Diamond Lapidary

    Reentel All-You-Need Diamond Lapidary MachineCreate beautiful gemstones with the 4-step process of the Reentel All-You-Need Diamond Lapidary Machine . This easy-to

  • Lapidary Machines for Sale!Rock On

    (Click one to go directly there) If you've recently visited this page, be aware that your browser may have cached the images and although all browsers are supposed to

  • Green's Rock & Lapidary Ltd.

    Green's is a family owned and operated business located in Calgary. We have been in business for approximately 40 years, specializing in serving hobbyists, collectors

  • Lapidary World Videos

    A selection of videos regarding: Lapidary, Jewelry Making, Metal Detecting, rock collecting, and other associated areas of the hobby.

  • Raw RockNeolithicsFlintknappingSupplyHouse

    All rock prices listed are per pound, not per piece, unless requested. Rock in its rawest form sold to you to start the knapping process. If you're interested in

  • Miscellaneous Lapidary Rough Apache Sage

    Miscellaneous Lapidary RoughApache Sage Rhyolite, Bloody Basin Agate, Crinoid Calcite, Gem Silica, Imperial Jasper, Indian Paint Rock, Misty Mountain

  • Lapidary, Gemstones, & Jewelry DealersTHE

    Lapidary, Cabochon, Gem Rough and Jewelry Dealers, orginized by the Mineral Minded people behind The-Vug

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