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The Justice Alliance of South Africa (JASA) is a coalition of corporations, individuals and churches committed to upholding and fighting for justice and the highest moral standards in South African society.

Our Constitution provides that we should work through Parliament, the courts, the media and in any other proper way to achieve this end (download our Constitution - 108kb pdf document).

Our office is in Cape Town which readily enables us to make submissions to Parliament on Bills passing through the legislature and to meet with Parliamentarians in groups and individually.

Wherever possible JASA is determined to assist Parliament by suggesting carefully drafted alternative or additional clauses rather than merely criticising Bills.

Click here to view a 3 minute clip in which John Smyth and Trudie Broekmann explain JASA's vision and goals.

Please go to Information & Contacts to find out how you can support us.

WEGE Bill in Parliament: Following oral submissions by John Smyth to the Portfolio Committee of the National Assembly on 29 January 2014 (supported by other organisations), Parliament has announced that all registered Public Benefit Organisations such as churches and charities will be excluded from the Bill. The Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality Bill threatens to give the Minister an unfettered discretion to compel any private or public body to have at least 50% women on its controlling body. JASA argued that a wide and unfettered discretion without guidelines was unconstitutional, and in any event churches, charities and traditional community bodies should be excluded. See Current Parliamentary Submissions.
Closure of Western Cape Children's Homes: JASA filed papers in this matter on 16 December 2013, and on 20 December the High Court ordered that the matter be heard on 19 March 2014. The Western Cape government has now indicated that it wishes to consent to the majority of the declarations and orders sought by JASA. This will mean that three out of the four children’s homes in question will re-open and children with no criminal history will be moved back to these homes out of ‘lock-down’ facilities where they have been recently housed with those who have offended against the law. Accordingly a Consent Order is being drafted to be placed before the Court as soon as possible for its approval. See Current Cases to read the Notice of Motion, two affidavits, and Media release.
Top TV Porn: JASA filed papers in the High Court on 8 November 2103 in a bid to stop the broadcasting of three porn channels due to start on 1 December 2013 from 8pm. The case will be heard in the Western Cape High Court on 11 August 2014. See Current Cases for Media release, Founding Affidavit, Supporting Affidavits and Notice of Motion.

Bill to protect children and women from internet and cell phone pornography: On 29 Jan 2014 John Smyth spoke with the Minister for Women, Children and Disabled Persons in Parliament. She expressed her personal concern about internet (and especially mobile phone) pornography. JASA will shortly approach her P.A. to arrange a meeting with the Minister.

Background: Following JASA's drafting of a Bill for the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs late last year, John Smyth and Trudie Broekmann were invited to meet with the new Deputy Minister, the Hon Fatima Chohan on 9 November 2011.
We presented the minister with a further draft of the Bill which would mean that any ISP or mobile phone operator who failed to filter out pornography would lose its licence to operate. Click here to see the latest draft.
The Minister is now to consult with her senior Minister and with her ministerial colleagues in the Department of Communications.
At a breakfast in May 2013, hosted by the Film and Publications Board, John Smyth was able to discuss the matter for a few minutes with the Minister of Home Affairs personally, and was given the opportunity to address the delegates after the Minister and her Deputy had spoken. He stressed the urgent need for the Bill and cited action being taken in India and the UK. After the breakfast, both John and Trudie Broekmann met with the Deputy Minister for a few minutes.

The Teddy Bear Clinic Case: The Constitutional Court gave their judgment on October 3, upholding JASA’s request that the matter of consensual sex between children under 16 should be referred back to Parliament. They refused to endorse the Gauteng judge who had proposed the court should change the law itself. The court however found that any criminal sanction against children for sexual activity would be unconstitutional, and also ordered that there should be no prosecutions whilst the matter was under consideration in Parliament. JASA will of course make submissions next year in Parliament, and insist on public hearings being held, but it will require creativity and common sense to suggest to Parliament a way of deterring children from early sexual activity without criminal sanctions. We shall be working on that.

See JASA Media Release, and an article for The Times newspaper by John Smyth, setting out why JASA opposes relaxing the law.

August 2013: JASA goes to Court on behalf of 600 South African psychologists discriminated against by the Health Professional Council, and hundreds of patients deprived of the medical practitioner of their choice. See Current Cases for papers filed in the Western Cape High Court and related JASA Media Release.
Marie Stopes: JASA is currently advising Nathalie Barden who had an extremely unpleasant experience at Marie Stopes clinic in Cape Town on 14th and 15th October 2013. Zeenat Pillay, who brought a claim in the High Court for damages against the same clinic arising out of failure to counsel her before her abortion, and medical negligence during the procedure, has had her claim settled to her satisfaction by the clinic.
Princess Vlei, Cape Town: JASA has agreed to assist the cause of those fighting the proposal to build a shopping mall on the Princess Vlei which would be so damaging to the environment and destroy an important cultural, historical and religious site. John and Anne Smyth attended a lunch on June 12th adjacent to the site hosted by the Princess Vlei Forum and the South African Faith Communities Environment Institute. Several Christian pastors spoke of the long history of the lake being used for baptisms by many different churches. John assured the meeting of JASA's willingness to share resources such as our media database, and our contacts with advocates who would act pro bono.
5 July 2011: JASA and Florence Mbombela take Bulawayo Housing Project (Langa, Western Cape) to the High Court after the City of Cape Town has dragged its feet for 14 years. See Current Cases for court papers and Media Release.
2012: The City has refused all offers to agree a settlement and the case will now move to trial.

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