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The Justice Alliance of South Africa (JASA) is a coalition of corporations, individuals and churches committed to upholding and fighting for justice and the highest moral standards in South African society.

Our Constitution provides that we should work through Parliament, the courts, the media and in any other proper way to achieve this end (download our Constitution - 108kb pdf document).

Our office is in Cape Town which readily enables us to make submissions to Parliament on Bills passing through the legislature and to meet with Parliamentarians in groups and individually.

Wherever possible JASA is determined to assist Parliament by suggesting carefully drafted alternative or additional clauses rather than merely criticising Bills.

Click here to view a 3 minute clip in which John Smyth and Trudie Broekmann explain JASA's vision and goals.

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The JASA 2014 AGM was held on Thursday 29th May 2014 at 5.30 pm,
at the Jubilee Centre, Nelson Road, Observatory, Cape Town.
See here for the 2013-14 Annual Report.

Top TV Porn: On 3 November 2014 Mr Justice Bozalek handed down his judgment. He struck down the licence granted to broadcast 3 pornography channels making it illegal to do so from that date. JASA and its 2 co-applicants were awarded costs against both ICASA and ODM (TopTV’s successors).
ODM have 15 days in which to appeal; alternatively they can go back to ICASA and make application over again for a licence.

See Current Cases for Media Release and Judgment.
Attorneys Norman, Wink and Stephens, and Advocate Darryl Cooke act for JASA.

WEGE Bill in Parliament: Following oral submissions by John Smyth to the Portfolio Committee of the National Assembly on 29 January 2014 (supported by other organisations), Parliament has announced that all registered Public Benefit Organisations such as churches and charities will be excluded from the Bill. The Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality Bill threatens to give the Minister an unfettered discretion to compel any private or public body to have at least 50% women on its controlling body. JASA argued that a wide and unfettered discretion without guidelines was unconstitutional, and in any event churches, charities and traditional community bodies should be excluded. See Current Parliamentary Submissions.
Closure of Western Cape Children's Homes: This important case against the W. Cape Provincial Government is to be heard in the High Court on 3 September 2014. It was hoped that the government would submit to a consent order ensuring that children in need of care who had not offended against the law would be not be detained with offenders in lock-down facilities. It now seems that the government will keep open only one suitable home, instead of four previously, and accordingly the childrens’ magistrates are left with a grave shortage of suitable placements. The matter will therefore proceed to a hearing unless the government has a change of heart. JASA believes that placing innocent children in secure homes with offenders is contrary to the best interests of such children as required by the Constitution. See Current Cases to read the Notice of Motion, two affidavits, and Media release.
JASA’s plans for a new website to be known as RABSA (Report a Bribe South Africa). Following many months of research and planning, JASA has applied to an overseas Foundation to fund this project. After submitting a preliminary application, we were invited to submit a fuller proposal which has now been done. The Premier of the Western Cape has written a letter of support for the project.

Bill to protect children and women from internet and cell phone pornography: Following a long history which began in 2010 with Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Malusi Gigaba, inviting JASA to draft a bill to curb internet porn, JASA has consulted over the last 3 years with Ministers Naledi Pando and Fatima Chohan. Minister Gigaba, who initiated this whole matter is now back at Home Affairs with Fatima Chohan continuing as Deputy, so we are expecting a new initiative in pushing this matter forward. The need for it becomes more urgent everyday as the world wakes up to the havoc, often addiction, which internet porn is causing. See for example The Porn Trap published by Harper Collins and available on Kindle.

The Teddy Bear Clinic Case: The Constitutional Court gave their judgment on October 3 2013, upholding JASA’s request that the matter of consensual sex between children under 16 should be referred back to Parliament. They refused to endorse the Gauteng judge who had proposed the court should change the law itself. The court however found that any criminal sanction against children for sexual activity would be unconstitutional, and also ordered that there should be no prosecutions whilst the matter was under consideration in Parliament. JASA will of course make submissions this year in Parliament, and insist on public hearings being held, but it will require creativity and common sense to suggest to Parliament a way of deterring children from early sexual activity without criminal sanctions. We shall be working on that.

See JASA Media Release, and an article for The Times newspaper by John Smyth, setting out why JASA opposes relaxing the law.

Psychologists and their patients suffering discrimination: This important case, in which JASA represents 600 psychologists in a group known as ReLPAG, continues a slow road towards a hearing. The recent highlighting by the Sunday Times of the appalling shortage of mental health practitioners, makes the case the more urgent. See Current Cases for recent Supplementary Affidavit and previous papers filed in the Western Cape High Court and related JASA Media Release.
Marie Stopes: JASA is currently advising Nathalie Barden who had an extremely unpleasant experience at Marie Stopes clinic in Cape Town on 14th and 15th October 2013. Zeenat Pillay, who brought a claim in the High Court for damages against the same clinic arising out of failure to counsel her before her abortion, and medical negligence during the procedure, has had her claim settled to her satisfaction by the clinic.
Princess Vlei, Cape Town: The City have now dropped their plan to develop this beautiful and historic part of Cape Town.
JASA and Florence Mbombela: JASA has continued to make every effort to obtain the title deeds for Mrs Mbombela’s Langa home; no one disputes she is entitled to them, but the City are still in the grip of nearly 20 years inertia. Our patience is running out and the day must come when we insist on a court hearing if the City will not do justice rather than simply talking about it. See Current Cases for court papers and Media Release.

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